Would you like to see us at your favourite conventions? If yes, read on!

We have been doing panels, displays, judging and guesting at conventions since 1987.  Even at the first convention we met at we were already active with panels, organising and competing in Masquerade (now usually referred to as Cosplay Competition).  We stopped in 2001 as we had not only reached International Master Class level but we found greater satisfaction in panelling, guesting and teaching, then competing.  Our jobs had become full time entertainment Industry years before so we also felt it unfair and discouraging to be in competition with people who may have cosplay as a part of their identity outside of their regular jobs.

So how do you get us?  Well….
Fans: If you are one of our fans do write to the convention of your choice(s) and let them know you want us.  Remember we are both CarrHunger AND Times Past Entertainment.   If you think a convention would be interested in something like our Game of Thrones themed challenges show or the Steampunk Murder Mystery, submit Times Past Entertainment as a separate submission.  They may not need more panels but will need to fill a show spot or they may not want the show but need more guest panelists.  Keeping the two separate will make it easier for them to divide us down within their structure.
Conventions:  Because of our LONG history with conventions and fandom itself, we tend to treat each convention differently.  Drop us a line and we can chat.  Pieces of Information we will need for you are:

1. Location of Convention.
2. Dates of Convention
3. What you would like us to do.  (How many panels, judge, demonstration…?)
4. How flexible your process is.  Example: If you would like to just cover expenses, are you willing to wait until the last minute for us to confirm so we can see if we have a paid gig that same time?
5. Any other details you feel is necessary.  The more you give us (and we love it when it comes in point form) the quicker our back and forth communication will be.